Getting started with us

We start with a quick check-up to find the way to your perfect smile.


The first steps

Starting at the age of eight, we first a first consultation to check if there are problems and at what age they need to be treated. Some problems need treatment right away and other require to wait and control: it all depends on the current situtation.


First consultation

When you come to our practice for the first time, we will conduct a brief clinical examination to identify the main problems and the need for treatment. The type and degree of misalignment determine the urgency of the treatment. At this appointment, the time of the treatment , when the treatment should begin, and the insurance benefits of your health insurance company ("free braces") will be specified. The first consultation fee starts at 50.- euros.


Documentation & diagnostics

The orthodontic documentation consists of a detailed clinical examination, a complete mouth impression, panoramic x-rays and cephalometric x-rays, as well as extra-oral and intra-oral photos (face, profile and teeth). Based on this information, the diagnosis is made and the individual treatment plan is drawn up.


Treatment plan & discussion

At the next appointment, we will discuss the treatment plan and the expected costs. We suggest the different treatment options: which devices , in which order and at what time . This is an essential consideration as using the right device at the right time is key to the success of an orthodontic treatment. We will also prepare a price offer depending on the complexity and length of the treatment plan and inform you about reimbursement options through insurance.


Start of treatment

When the treatment plan has been agreed upon, we're good to go!