We believe that orthodontics should stay human

The digital revolution in orthodontics is leading to mass produced treatments and patients being a number on the production line. We are committed to keeping the human intelligence an integral part of the process.


Why should you care?

Digitization of the dentistry improved the profession greatly but comes with a caveat: big companies, instead of serving orthodontists, can now treat patients treatment directly without any dental professionals involved.

While artificial intelligence has certainly come a long way, it only prepares treatments based on the position of the teeth as if they were completely independent entities. However specialist know that the jaws, face and profile are also significant but most importantly that the teeth belong to a human being who has a unique personality, unique wishes and unique constraints that are essential to take into account.

The current trend is that these companies still work with orthodontists but have already extended a few years ago their offering to dentists that are not specialised. More recently, they now propose treatments without any dental specialist supervision.


We are human centered

We decided to go against this automation and mass production. We embrace new technologies and we are fully digital practice (no more dental impressions 😊) but we pledge to keep the human element at the center.


Patients are not just teeth

Well beyond just teeth and alignment, we take into account the face & profile, bone size, gingival type, oral hygiene, motivation, personal preferences, and more. The teeth are one part of a bigger system, just aligning them without taking into account the rest is a common mistake.


Fully digitized, not automated

Digital technologies bring great benefits but robots and algorithms don't replace the orthodontist. Our human-centered approach ensure that we find the best solution for you.


Playful, child-friendly place

We know how scary the doctors office can be for children, we see that with our own. We are dedicated to creating a playful and welcoming atmosphere where the children enjoy themselves.

Our core values


Individualized treatments

We adapt our treatments to each patient based on a multitude of factors beside the teeth. To that end we use different appliances, at different times and start at just the right age.


Toolbox of appliances

To truly individualize treatments, we rely on a multitude of appliances, including braces, aligners, lingual braces, functional appliances and most importantly bone-borne appliances.


Respect biological limits of teeth

Teeth are not meant to be pushed against the limits of the bone, a typical treatment when the bone is too small for the teeth. It is essential to first make the bone bigger with bone-borne expansion and only then align the teeth.


Keep treatment time as short as possible

Longer treatments are not only unpleasant for patients but have higher risk factors for caries and root resorptions.


Detailed explanations

We insist on exaplaining the underlying problems as they are key to choosing the right solution. When patients understand the problems and risks associated with them, compliance and collaboration are much better!


Keep teeth healthy

Last but not least, the teeth must stay healthy. During orthodontic treatment the teeth are more at risk but we make sure to protect them: we always start with oral hygiene when necessary offer during treatment as well.

If you also prefer tailor-made orthodontics to mass produced, generic treatments,
then your in the right place.

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