Lachfabrik: tailor-made braces and orthodontics in Imst.

People are unique, so we give individualized orthodontic treatments to everyone.


Our mission

Truly personalized treatments are more and more rare because of generic, industry-produced orthodontics. We are on a mission to bring them back!

What is truly personalized ?

is the first step

We know that treatment succes depends on comprehension and motivation, so ...

our first priory is to explain what the problems are and which solutions we have.

We love a good discussion, your questions are welcome!


Truly individual

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all solution for our children,
so we don't offer that for yours either.


Teeth are complex

Orthodontics takes into account factors like occlusion, jaw position, facial profile and asymetries and not just aligning teeth.


The devil is in the details

We examine our patients at every level (teeth, occlusion, jaws, face) and factor in motivation, hygiene, age, etc.


The right appliances at the right time

To solve complex problems, we use various appliances at different times of treatment. As any master of trade, we don't have only one tool in our toolbox but rely on a palette of tools.

Our methods

We preserve your teeth

Teeth are the only structure in the human body that don't self repair or regenerate . That means that it is super important to keep them in good shape as long as possible and preserve tooth capital.


Save teeth

Extracting teeth to gain space can be avoided with modern techniques. More teeth means better tooth capital.


Keep teeth healthy

We believe in preserving teeth and keeping them healthy, no unecessary extractions or exagerrated strain.


Avoid unnecessary strain

Correcting problems with bone by pushing on teeth is a non-sense. We use mini-implants in the bone to avoid any tooth strain.

Preserve teeth

Cutting edge

We follow the latest developments in techniques and technologies to provide the best possible care. Aligners, miniscrews, invisible appliances are no mystery to us.

Our technology tools

Palette of tools

From the traditional to the latest, we employ a variety of techniques and appliances.
We always propose what is best suited for our patient: no one size fits all solution here!

Our philosophy clean

Clean teeth

One of our key focuses is good oral hygiene. Just as essential as being straight, teeth must remain beautiful and healthy.
That's whay we are equipped with the best oral hygiene technology.

The airflow experience

If you also prefer tailor-made orthodontics to mass produced, generic treatments,
then your in the right place.

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