Sparkling, healthy teeth

Here is our secret sauce to keeping teeth beautiful clean!


Oral hygiene: from A to Z

We care a lot about oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene is a prerequisite for treatment, so we provide the best possible care for your teeth before, during and after treatment. Every cleaning we do has these essential steps to ensure the highest quality of care.


Dental plaque staining

To be able to improve your oral hygiene, you have to see where to clean better. That's why we start by staining the teeth with a pinkish color that shows areas where bacteria are. We look at the pictures together and help you improve your brushing technique.


Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic tips vibrate at very high frequencies and dislodge dental calculus and plaque as well as destroy bacteria. It is very efficient and removes nearly everything but if needed we use hand instruments to remove any residual plaque or calculus.



A high pressure mix of powder, air and water sound familiar? Yes, the airflow is the pressure washer for your teeth. It removes any bacteria, plaque and most of all discolorations leaving your teeth brighter than before.



After cleaning, the teeth are always slightly rough. We smooth down the surface with a light polishing paste to prevent bacteria and discoloration from reappearing too soon. Polishing also makes the surface more resistant to wear.


Fluoride protection

The last layer of protection is a fluoride gel that reinforces the enamel further protecting tooth.