Free braces

Insurance-paid braces for children under 18. Whether your child can receive free braces will be determined during the first consultation.


The IOTN scale


IOTN 4/5

With IOTN grade 4/5, the braces are taken over by contract orthodontists. The degree of deformity is determined using an international index (IOTN - Index of Orthodontic Treatment Needs). This index divides into IOTN 1 to 5 severity levels. In the event of a degree of severity 4 or 5, there is always a medical necessity and therefore a entitlement to the health insurance benefits .



In the case of an IOTN 3, the treatment must be approved by the respective health insurance company before treatment begins. Regardless of whether it is removable or fixed braces: The general prerequisite for cost sharing by the insurance company is that the therapy proposal is submitted to the health insurance company and approved by the dental service. We do this for you.


Partial reimbursement from all insurances

The social security system has been simplified, and today there are only 4 different insurance providers: ÖGK, SVS, BVAEB and KUF . We work with all insurance companies to look after your child in the best possible way. The IOTN index also applies to KUF (health and accident insurance) insured patients. All treatments must be approved in advance. Annual reimbursements will then be made depending on the severity. We will submit the required documents to the insurance carriers for you.