Clear aligners

The wonder child of the 21st century orthodontics.


Not all aligners are the same

With artificial intelligence, clear aligners can be produced without any orthodontic specialist's supervision and there has been an explosion of companies proposing them. While they outsource their production and cut corners in order to reduce the price, we make our aligners in-house to the highest standards of quality.

Strong points


Made in Tirol

We do not outsource production to Mexico or China because it does not fit our philosophy. We plan the treatment digitally and produce the clear aligners all in our own lab. Our aligners are proudly made in Tirol.


Almost completely invisible

Clear aligners are made of a thin layer of transparent, medical grade plastic, less than 1mm thick. They wrap around the teeth and fit them perfectly, so that they are almost invisible.


Perfect for adults

Your retainer broke and your teeth are no longer straight? Aligners could be the perfect solution to straighten them again, without the pain of wearing braces. Aligners can also correct more complex problems in certain cases.


Great for small corrections

Clear aligners are the perfect solution for small corrections, especially for adults. If that slightly tipped front tooth or those crooked lower incisors have always bothered you, this is the right solution to straighten them easily.


Comfortable and easy to clean

Contrary to braces, aligners are very comfortable to wear and clean because you can take them out. Only small transparent knobs are glued to the teeth to help with tooth movements.

Other orthodontic appliances

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Traditional braces

Standard braces have been used for over a 100 years and are still the gold standard. They give total control and precision for moving teeth and are the go-to appliance for children.


Lingual braces

With all the advantages of standard braces, the lingual technique is an extremely versatile appliance that is also completely invisible. This is the best solution for complex problems in adult patients.


Functional appliances

Functional appliances are used from 8 to 12 years of age. They correct growth deficiencies, for example by widening the upper jaw or bringing the lower jaw forwards and they simplify the treatment of the permanent teeth.