Lingual braces

The best of both worlds: lingual braces have the precision and control of traditional braces but are completely invisible.


How can metal braces be invisible?

Lingual braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth. The inner side is not as flat and regular as the outer surfaces so standard braces don't fit. Thats why lingual braces are custome made to fit each tooth.

Strong points


100% invisible

Contrary to traditional techniques or even modern clear aligners, the lingual braces are the only appliance that is truly invisble. You can smile with confidence knowing will see the braces.


Total control

Lingual braces work based on the same principles as tradional braces, metal braces grip the tooth and a metal wire inside the braces moves the teeth. There are no limitations, all tooth movements are possible.


Ideal for complex treatments

Lingual braces are the ideal solution in adults when the treatment is too complex for aligners. We have full control of tooth movements making sure that we get the desired result and they are completely invisble.


Best suited for adults

Along with clear aligners, lingual backets are an ideal solution for adults. With this technology treatment is possible at any age.

Other orthodontic appliances

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Traditional braces

Standard braces have been used for over a 100 years and are still the gold standard. They give total control and precision for moving teeth and are the go-to appliance for children.


Clear aligners

Aligners are the new rage. Almost invisble and very comfortable to wear, the perfect solution for smaller corrections. At first only used in adult treatments, they are now also available for adolescents.


Functional appliances

Functional appliances are used from 8 to 12 years of age. They correct growth deficiencies, for example by widening the upper jaw or bringing the lower jaw forwards and they simplify the treatment of the permanent teeth.